Vicky’s Story

Vicky Blyth lives in Mandurah, Western Australia. She is 41 years old; the wife of Dave, a local businessman and mother of three young boys Angus, Oscar and Archie. Vicky is unwell and needs your help.

In 2002 Vicky was diagnosed with Liposarcoma. Liposarcomas are rare cancers that do not respond well to chemotherapy; they are best removed surgically.

Since 2002 Vicky has had surgery four times to remove various Liposarcomas. In 2009 and 2010 she also underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In January this year when Vicky had surgery four Liposarcomas were removed. Unfortunately another had attached itself to Vicky’s vital organs and could not be removed. It is now threatening to rob Angus, Oscar and Archie of their mother.

But there is hope!

The Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou China is that hope. The hospital provides innovative and successful treatments that are not available in Australia. In China Vicky will have access to Cryo surgery, a treatment that will freeze the Liposarcoma. If it cannot be frozen, Vicky will have Iodine Seed Implantation, the placement of radiation directly into the tumour. These treatments present the only remaining hope that Vicky and her family have.

Vicky will need to be in China for 4 weeks to complete the treatment. She will then need to visit regularly for follow up treatment.

Cancer treatment is very costly. It exhausts all of the physical, emotional and financial resources that families need to survive. Until now Vicky’s family has met all the costs of her surgery and other treatments.

The Never, Never, Never Give Up Foundation has been established to help Vicky get to China and to keep getting her there. We want her to see her boys grow up and to achieve this she will need to visit the hospital regularly.

We are asking you to look into your heart and join Vicky and her young family as they face their biggest challenge. Any donation you can make will not only help Vicky, it will also give hope to other people in her position.

Thank you